Desert Archaeology has a permanent staff of 42 employees with an average tenure of 15 years with the company. This depth of experience creates an environment suited to the development of methodological and research specializations.

Professional staff includes 15 project directors with a broad range of experience. We have also developed analytical specializations in ceramics, flaked stone, ground stone, animal bone, paleobotanical analyses, and petrographic sourcing of ceramic temper.

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William H. Doelle (PhD University of Arizona 1980) Prehistoric archaeology, ethnohistory, public archaeology, demography; Southwest United States, North America. Since 1982.

Operations Director
Patricia Castalia (MA Arizona State University 1975) Contract archaeology, prehistoric settlement patterns, spatial analysis; Southwest United States. Since 1989.

Project Directors
Michael L. Brack (MA Wichita State University 1999) Ceramic analysis, GIS/CAD, cartography, spatial analysis, environmental adaptation, Plains ethnology; American Southwest, Northern Mexico, Great Plains, Caddoan. Since 2000.

Patricia Cook (PhD University Arizona 1997) Prehistoric archaeology, settlement patterns, household archaeology, gender studies; Southwest United States, Mesoamerica. Since 1998.

Connie A. Darby (Bryn Mawr College 1991) Prehistoric and historical archaeology; North America and Near East. Since 2006.

Allison Cohen Diehl (MA Arizona State University 1995) Historical archaeology; North America. Since 1998.

Mark D. Elson (PhD University of Arizona 1996) Prehistoric archaeology, settlement pattern analysis, ethnographic studies, adaptation to catastrophic events; Southwest United States, Latin America. Since 1984.

Susan D. Hall (MA Northern Arizona University 1992) Prehistoric archaeology, ceramic and architectural studies; Southwest United States. Since 1995.

T. Kathleen Henderson (PhD Arizona State University 1986) Prehistoric archaeology, settlement and social organization, chronology; Southwest United States. Since 1999.

Sarah A. Herr (PhD University of Arizona 1999) Ceramic analysis, regional organization, frontiers; Southwest United States. Since 1995.

Michael W. Lindeman (PhD Arizona State University 2006) Prehistoric archaeology, Southwest United States, Hohokam archaeology, pithouse architecture, craft production, household archaeology, quantitative methods. Since 1991.

Deborah L. Swartz (BA University of Arizona 1979) Prehistoric archaeology, field methods; Southwest United States. Since 1984.

J. Homer Thiel (MA Arizona State University 1992) Historical archaeology, genealogy, faunal analysis; Southwest United States. Since 1992.

James M. Vint (MA Northern Arizona University 1992) Southwestern U.S. and Protohistoric archaeology, Colorado Plateau and Northern New Mexico prehistory, ethnohistory, ceramic analysis, settlement pattern and borderlands studies. Since 1993.

Henry D. Wallace (MA University of Arizona 1980) Prehistoric and protohistoric archaeology, ceramic studies, iconography; Southwest United States, Northern Mexico. Since 1983.

Gregory J. Whitney (BA University of Georgia 1994) Prehistoric archaeology, cartography; Southwest United States. Since 1999.

Helga Wöcherl (PhD University of Arizona 1997) Subsistence-settlement research, site structure, extramural space, resource ecology; Southwest United States, Western Europe. Since 1992.

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Analysis Specialists
Jenny L. Adams (PhD University of Arizona 1994; Ground Stone Specialist) Prehistoric archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, experimentation, use-wear analysis; Southwest United States. Since 1995.

Katie Brower (BS University of Arizona 2012; Ground Stone Assistant) Geology, raw material provenance, use-wear analysis; Southwestern United States. Since 2011.

Michael W. Diehl (PhD State University New York-Buffalo 1994; Paleobotanical Specialist) Paleoethnobotany, human ecology, social change and complex adaptive systems; Greater Southwest. Since 1998.

James M. Heidke (BA University of Illinois 1981; Research Ceramicist) Ceramic analysis, ceramic petrography and provenience studies, quantitative methods; Southwest United States. Since 1984.

Mary F. Ownby (PhD University of Cambridge 2010; Petrologist) Archaeological chemistry and petrography, ancient ceramic technology, ceramic exchange and social systems; Egypt, ancient Near East. Since 2010.

Stacy L. Ryan (BA Buffalo State University 1995; Lithic Analyst) Lithic technology, prehistoric archaeology, historical archaeology; Southwest United States. Since 2001.

R. Jane Sliva (MA University of Illinois-Chicago 1992; Lithic Specialist) Prehistoric archaeology, lithic technology, microwear analysis; Southwest United States. Since 1994.

Christine H. Virden-Lange (BA Arizona State University 2001; Shell Specialist, Historic Artifact Analyst); Shell ornament production and exchange systems, Early Agricultural and prehistoric archaeology, historical archaeology; Southwest United States. Since 2008.

Jennifer A. Waters (MA Arizona State University 1995; Faunal Specialist) Early Agriculture, hunter-gatherers, historical archaeology; Southwest United States. Since 1996.

Laboratory Director
Lisa G. Eppley (BA Appalachian State 1979) Prehistoric archaeology, lithic analysis, curation, repatriation; Southwest United States. Since 1984.

Information Systems
Theodore J. Oliver (BA University of North Dakota 1990; Database Administrator) Prehistoric archaeology, database development, GIS, spatial analysis; Southwest United States. Since 1999.

Michael L. Brack, Mapping Director. Since 2000.
Catherine B. Gilman, Mapping Specialist. Since 1991.
Susan D. Hall, Mapping Specialist. Since 1995.
Tyler S. Theriot, Mapping Specialist. Since 2007.

Support Staff
Mario E. Arechederra, Field and Office Support. Since 2009.
Robert B. Ciaccio, Drafting. Since 1994.
Donna G. Doolittle, Word Processor. Since 2001.
Val M. Hintze, Reception and Production. Since 2001.
Elizabeth Nagel, Office Manager. Since 2015.
Sara Lely, Database Assistant. Since 1991.
Andrea S. Mathews, Word Processor. Since 1998.
Emilee M. Mead, Publications Director. Since 2000.


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